Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a great freakin' day

Indian dinner turned into Italian dinner- much sexier. Although slightly creepy....As I was walking down Lygon St in search of my Uncle, who said he would be waiting out the front of the resteraunt for me; two Italians approached me...
Italian: 'Come inside.
'Me: 'What?'
Italian: 'They're waiting for you.
'Me: 'What, who?'
Italian: 'Your friends...'
At this stage, of course I was thinking I was about to encounter the Italian mafia... I spent far too much time watching The Sopranos over the past year to not be suspicious...
So I snuck my head around the corner slowly, to take a peek inside at these said 'friends' (and no, the idea that my Aunty and Uncle were these friends did not cross my mind... After all, my Uncle had told me not 3 minutes ago on the phone that he would be waiting for me. Lies lies from tiny eyes.)
But sure enough, when I looked into the resteraunt, I saw my Aunty and Uncle waving geekily at me. Made me smile instantly actually. Turns out they couldn't be bothered waiting outside for me, so they told the guys at the door to keep an eye out for me.And then I got snuggles from my beautiful 6 month old Goddaughter. She's such a muncho.
And yes, I know you're all wondering... The Italians were sexy. And the food was amazing. As was the wine.
I laughed so hard tonight. Actually regurgitated my Alfredo back into my half-eaten bowl of food. Nice.

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