Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lomolitos Love

Was exploring the NGV's novelty shop on my last visit there, and discovered these funky cameras...they caught my eyes, clearly because they looked like THIS

Yeah, I know. AWESOME.
So I bought one, naturally..

However, these types looked quite expensive...so I opted for the disposable version..which, to my dismay, looked like THIS

So, the deal is... these cameras are for spontaneous shooting...for those who just want to go snap-happy. The colours often turn out over-saturated, or the film grain goes crazy on yo ass.
Which is fun! And to top it off, this particular disposable lomolitos camera has a GREEN FLASH.
Sounds snazzy, huh?

That is until the guy at Rabbit Photos informs me as I'm getting my photos developed that I could have quite easily, and for less than the $30 this camera cost me, placed some green cellophane- or whatever colour rocks my boat- over the top of the lens. And voila!
But then, perhaps the effects wouldn't have been the same...
But I don't know, I'm no pro at lomography...but I did get a pretty snazzy shot out of it that I'm quite intrigued by...

Ahhh sacre bleu! Nice moment. Nice light reflection on the road. Very happy.
However, very disappointed, as there was one particular photo that I was PUMPED about getting developed.
After leaving the NGV, a massive storm broke out in Melbourne, and there were heaps of people waiting under the shelter of the gallery for the rain to subdue...except for this one guy; with feathers in his hair.
He sat just where the rain ended, crossed his legs, and started meditating. It was for lack of a better word, beautiful.
And I was so happy with myself at that precise moment, for buying the camera, and for being there to witness such a random moment of beauty among the chaos of the city.
I photographed him with my lomography camera.
And out of all 27 shots that come on that camera, the photograph of the feathered man meditating in the Melbourne City rain is the only shot that didn't turn out.
I was cut. Deep. I hated the rest of the photos at that moment. I hated lomography. I hated the man in Rabbit Photos. (Although he was extremely good looking, friendly AND a photographer) It was just my disappointment coming through.
Maybe one day I'll witness another beautiful moment like that, and this time, I'll have my DSLR one me.
OH! Forgot to mention.
The colours did not turn out green in anyway...
Considering there was a green flash, I thought perhaps even a tinge of green? But no, I thought wrong.

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