Monday, March 8, 2010

Let's do this

Okay, first post.
Perhaps an introduction is in order?

I'm Jessie, and at the moment university is pretty much my life.
For the next three years I will be studying at The Photography Studies College.
I want to be a photo-journalist, but at this stage any career in photography is appealing to me.

I'm 18, and have just recently relocated from Albury/Wodonga to the city- especially for my studies.
I am living the life I have always wanted to in Melbourne. And on top of that, I am bettering myself at something I love.
I have always had some deep love, desire or fascination with city life. The acceptance of differing styles and ways of life seems to be greater tolerated in the big smoke.
And the city is oh so much more photogenic than the country.

There's something artistic about a rundown urban landscape...something beautiful about the rebellious tags splashed across the buildings...something surreal about the rugged busker strumming his guitar or playing his harmonica.
I love it. I am not a busker, or a graffiti artist. I do not wear 'out there' clothes or fit into any of the scenes that are floating around today. I am just me.
You could say I’m boring in comparison to all the others, with their big personalities and their overt creativity. But yet, the city and all of the above aspects excite me. And I am not even one of the interesting aspects of it. I am an observer, a spectator. I watch as they walk past, I photograph their individuality. They are my subjects. They bring the colour to my photographs. The city is just another of my canvas’

Well, as for blogging; I guess I will update with photographs, or whenever Interesting shows it's face in my life.

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