Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've strayed away from blogger a fair bit lately. I guess I really haven't had anything all that interesting to write about, but more, I have been busy with uni life.
Alright, things of importance that are worth mentioning to my minimal followers.... (Hi Matt)
Uni, as always, great.
New housemates, no microwave, TV or proper internet at the moment due to the leave of a former housemate :(
(but, all in due time)
Crazy next door neighbour. Crazy doesn't begin to describe, but I don't really think blogger an appropriate place to go into details about that situation....which has recently been somewhat resolved.
New bedroom..BIG bedroom :D

I photographed a friend's showcase a couple of weekends ago. I was really nervous about it, not sure how I would go with stage photography. With having to take up my ISO some of the images became noisy, and I couldn't use a fast enough shutter speed to get them to freeze entirely without taking my ISO alllllll the way up; which lead to excessive amounts of noise that just looked horrible. So I kept it at about 400 ISO, aperture at the lowest it would go which was about 3.8...wish it would have gone lower. I think I should invest in another lens in case I ever shoot stage again.
It was my first attempt at stage photography, and I think I did alright considering that.

This is probably my favourite shot from the two nights/morning shows.
The performers were all so good!! And this was probably my favourite act.

Some shots from this semester:

Credits: Danni Kennedy, Ash Orr-Campbell, Jessie Britton (me)
Group shot, taken for Studio class. 'Something New'

So, that's that.....nothing else really comes to mind that has been all that interesting. I need to work on refining my major project for this semester, first Work in Progress is in two weeks...ugh.

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