Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am in desperate need of inspiration, and most of all, motivation.
I have a massive uni assessment to get done, but have absolutely no ideas of what to photograph. Hell, I don't even understand a couple of the topics.
I have two photographs ready, not quite sure how to explain why I had to take these particular photographs, but I'll show you anyway...

Matt has been in a fair few of my photos of late. I am particularly proud of this one; turned out much more effective than our previous smoking shot. And the cropping is much more effective like this than if I were to show Matt's entire face. Tones, I love. I adjusted the colour curves on Photoshop.

Okay, so with this photograph, it's all about the diagonal/vertical-ish line. I was just lucky enough that someone with a funky umbrella walked past at the time I was taking it, and that it was raining, making the beautiful light reflection on the cement. Rain infact does make everything more beautiful. There's nothing better than a photoshoot in the rain. So as soon as the storms set in, I'm off with my camera :)
The random umbrella really made the shot.

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