Monday, March 8, 2010

The Cards Experimental Shoot.

I have this amazing image in my head. But I'm not sure how to explain it, or create it.
All I can say is it involves the four playing cards suites; hearts, spades, diamond and clubs.
When I have gained enough kills to create this image, I will. And I'll be sure to show you... whoever you are.

So, to do something productive rather than merely sitting and wishing I could create the image in my head, I decided to do an experimental shoot with a couple of friends. Who by the way, are the greatest for putting up with my relentless nagging to get them to model for me!

Sam actually helped a lot with the ideas for this. We pretty much went with what we had, and Sam just happened to have this amazing Moulin Rouge styled corset...

I used the diamond suite in this, for experimental purposes. Although I don't use the card suites throughout all my photos.

I am so happy with how the lighting turned out with these photos. And the warmth of them all

I used photoshop to remove minor blemishes, adjust lighting and contrast. And added some warmth. Which I found was much more effective.

Michelle was a great model. Although she spent a great deal of the time sneaking a peek at the TV, because we had Moulin Rouge playing in the room...But all in all, Sam and Michelle did a great job :)

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